Jan. 14th, 2013

aalyosha: (pic#5512225)
School is going so well, I feel so genuinely happy lately. Though I really wish I could take German, everyone I get along with is taking it and they're all friendly with me, but they have their own group too and I just want to be a part of it. I want to be translating Faust and reading Kafka in the original too. Sometimes I wonder if I should have majored in languages, there are too many things I love, it's hard focusing on just one. Though altogether, history is my largest love. I wonder if being a translator might not have been more useful.

I hate this line of thought of trying to pick the most useful thing though. I want to do something I enjoy. If I wind up never advancing beyond what I have now, then let that be. I'm happy as I am. Getting more just leads to wanting more. I'm well fed and happy. That's all that you really need in life. I want to be a professor in a ratty old coat and antiquated briefcase, in an office full of books. Researching things I love...

Knowledge is happiness.