Jan. 11th, 2013

aalyosha: (Default)
So, I have this journal thing now. I've had journals in the past, but hopefully I'll keep up with this one. If the two people reading this care, they can poke me if I don't update.

The first week of classes has gone really well, probably my best so far. I'm getting more confident in my research abilities, and I adore the ability to really choose my topics. I'm hoping to further my research into German national identity this term and use it as my main topic for my thesis. I'm also very happy that I've been able to narrow down what my thesis might be about. I'll be focusing primarily on the 19th and 20th centuries, naturally. Hopefully I can stick the other topics that I love in there too, like theological studies and music. Music will be the easiest, of course. I mean, it is Germany.

Also, social anxiety issues have been so much better. I feel more confident lately, though I still don't speak up in class, I don't cry when I go to order food either.

I need to focus more, and plan out a homework schedule. Also, work on my German more. Lack of it is definitely keeping me back.